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    PVC Fiber Reinforced Soft Pipe Production Line
    PVC garden hose production line is the new product developed by our company. It is mainly used to manufacture PVC fiber-reinforced hose for fluid conveying. Basis on 15 years of spiral and soft hose machine’s designing and manufacturing, we got mature technology on different kinds of spiral hose, flexible hose, soft hose. These hoses can be used in the area of liquid, air, solid, electric cable transfer. Such as: vacuum cleaner hose line, medical use hose line, cable protection line, toilet and kitchen exhaust hose line, and so on.
    Main Technical Parameters:
    Diameter Range(mm)Φ12-Φ50Φ6-Φ14
    Installed Power(KW)5035
    Main ExtruderSJ65/28SJ45/28
    Diameter Range(mm)Φ16-Φ50Φ6-Φ14
    Producing speed4-8m per min
    Installed Power(KW)5035
    Introduction of pvc fiber reinforced soft pipe production line:
    1.single screw extruder(with auto loader)
    3.water tank
    4.haul off machine
    5.fiber winding machine
    6.oven case
    7.single screw extruder(with auto loader)
    9.water tank
    10.haul off machine
    Main usage
    PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose Extrusion LinePVC fibre strengthen hose also call PVC network , commonly called as plastic flexible metal conduit , suitable for pigeonholing or having corrosivity Gas, the liquid one transport,extensively for machinery it apply to, colliery, petroleum , chemical industry , agriculture irritating , building , field such as being civil (solar water heater , gas bottle ).
    This line is designed to produce PVC fiber reinforced hose ,the wall of which is three layers, outer and inner layer are soft PVC hose ,middle layer is Terylene fiber network, which has good chemical and physical property .It is mainly used for the transportation of high pressure or corrosive gas ,and is widely used in the machinery ;coal mine, oil, chemical, agriculture irrigation ,gas and building.
    Deliver , shipping and serving:
    Packing and Shipping:
    Technical and after-sales service:
    The supplier the following technical and after-sales service commitment
    A) Provide on-site installation guide
    B) Responsible for the commissioning of equipment
    C) Responsible for the buyer’s personnel mount guard before the operation and maintenance training
    D) One year free warranty (due to the buyer’s improper operation caused by damage charge costs), and ensure the supply of spare parts for a long time, only receive the cost
    E) Provide technical advisory services for a long timePVC Fiber Reinforced Soft Pipe Production Line Made in China