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Our free ballet lessons

The first steps into ballet are the hardest. But with the correct guidance you can take part of a wide community of ballet enthousiasts worldwide. With this free course you can enter this big group of fans. The only thing you’ve to do is register on our website! This can be done in the upper rightcorner of this website.

What's included in this free course ?

Position of the feet

We offer some basic instructionvideos for the position of the feet during ballet.

Information about anatomy

We give some extra information about the anatomy and why this is so important during ballet.

12 detailed instructionvideos

In total we offer 12 high detailed instructionvideos to start ballet today. Register today for your first steps into ballet.

No time limit

Our offer is completely free and doesn't have a limited time offer. You can take your time to get into ballet for the first time.