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Classical ballet is the “queen of dances.” When it first emerged, it was the sole privilege of the royal family to practise ballet. It is characterized by elegance, ethereal motion and hard work. It develops special muscles, employs the stretching techniques of yoga, and develops coordination to an exceptional extent. Through a system of techniques, we help you to get closer to yourself.

We practise perseverance, concentration, self-discipline approached through the body, as well as body awareness. While in ballet the form is significant, it is only of secondary importance in my classes. What really matters is what is happening within you. In classical ballet, there is a fixed order and system of ballet movements, which anyone can learn. The best part of this form of dance is that we reach to the sky, going higher and higher to achieve our dreams.

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You may be a skillful, effective employer but if you don’t trust your personnel and the opposite, then the chances of improving and expanding the business you deal with, are extremely limited.

It’s not critical for the employees to like the boss, but they have to trust him or her. If not, he won’t be able to lead them and the workers will have little motivation at work. Truth and trust are connected together.

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